Cengiz Hartmann




cengiz.hartmann@gmx.net // Denkmalstrasse 55 32760 Detmold // +49 5231 3023627


Environment // 2018  //

Master graduation project



The project L'Aventurier is based on my idea to translate a scent into space. Both the composition of the colours and the space are designed analogous to a scent. Base, Head and Heart of the perfume lead to colours which appear  according to their appearance from apply to  fading.


6 paper boards made from newspaper, water and pigments, textile linen framework coloured by hand, 5 paper lampshades, wooden floor, table from paper, wood and steel //

designed and constructed

by Cengiz Hartmann


thanks to //



Prof'in. Eva Filter

Martin Oxley


Frank Sidortschuk


Photos by Florian Clewe


Award ***


Caparol Preis 2018

Farbe, Struktur, Oberfläche

2. Preis  Kategorie Student

head - first impression - welcome - first sight - fading

heart -  character - unique - touch - foreground - outstanding

base - constant - hold together - frame - underline - background