Cengiz Hartmann




cengiz.hartmann@gmx.net // Denkmalstrasse 55 32760 Detmold // +49 5231 3023627

The german word begreifen serves as a key to my work.

It means both to touch and to understand – in a way thinking with the hands.


I am focused to reduce objects to the essential without eliminating the poetry.


All knowledge is condensed in the intuitive action and so I trust it.


Limitation of tools lead to objects with a more specific expression in case tooling marks are not concealed afterwards. Even using only one or obviously the wrong tool leads to something new.


Listening and trying to understand my latest works is an essential part to make the next step towards something exciting.


The experiment has a great value in my work as I understand it as a method to shift borders and explore the unknown. Furthermore, I like the idea to control the process of making rather than the outcome.


I work with real, solid materials with all strengths and weakness. I believe that materials are smart. If you listen carefully, they tell you what to do.


In my opinion the most important question for all kind of objects and spaces is how and if people are able to deal with it on a personal level.

*1990 in Essen, Germany




2013                     exhibition // KUBO-Show 2013 in Herne


2014                     profession // artist in residence, Künstlerdorf Schöppingen


2014                     profession // internship studio Pepe Heykoop, Amsterdam


2015                     exhibition // Blickfang Hamburg


2016                     exhibition // Blickfang Stuttgart


2017                     exhibition // Blickfang Köln, part of the IMM Cologne


2018                     profession // Master of Arts interior architecture,

                           Detmolder Schule für Architektur und Innenarchitektur


2018                     award // Caparol-Preis 2018 Farbe-Oberfläche-Struktur,

                           2.Preis Kategorie Student, Projekt L'Aventurier


2018                     exhibition // Kunsttage Detmold 2018, Detmold


2018                     exhibition // Dutch Design Week 2018,

                           Piet Hein Eek gallery space, Eindhoven


2018                     award // German Design Award 2019 nominated, category newcomer


since 2019             profession // research Assistant, human sciences,

                           Prof. Dr. Martin Ludwig Hofmann,

                           Detmolder Schule für Architektur und Innenarchitektur


2019                     public lecture // Auf dem Weg ins Neue,

                           Werkbundakademie NRW, Wuppertal


2019                     public lecture // Die Frage nach dem Wie,

                           Symposium Mensch, Raum und Material, TH-OWL, Detmold


2019                     exhibition // Dutch Design Week 2019, U-Store Betül Canbaz,





2020 Cengiz Hartmann