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DUTCH DESIGN WEEK 2018 | video by Yannik Neuberger During the DDW 2018 I showed several new items of my paper project and indiviual art pieces at Piet Hein Eeks gallery space in Eindhoven. L'AVENTURIER 2018 In my project L'Aventurier I try to find out what one specific scent will actually look like, if it becomes space. Is it possible to compose a range of colour in a similar way the perfume is done? What emotions does the scent evoke and how does the space react? SIGNATURA RERUM 2017 | cooperation with Katharina Bieker Everyone has certain characteristics and skills - depending on the outer influences and relations we further develop them or not. The project signatura rerum is an artistic installation which visualize the usually unvisible, inner transformation process. Showing traces of the inside on the surface.